Ping Pong Gomphrena Adds Some Bounce To Your Flower Bed


Excerpted from Article by Norman Winter from the Tribute News Service. Published in the News and Observer on 07-15-18.


If there was a flower that was the proverbial poster child of under-utilized flowers, it would have to be the glove amaranth or gomphrena.  Two years ago, the Ping Pong series slipped under the radar with its debut and quietly won accolades in trials from South Texas to Pennsylvania.

It’s botanically gomphrena globose and is native to Panama and Guatemala.  The Ping Pong series comes in purple, lavender, white and a mix.

Reaching 20 inches in full sun, it gives a vertical dimension to the flower border.  It is almost like they are floating on air.  You will also have a bountiful supply of cuts for the vase.  They can also be hung upside down to dry and then used in a vase or potpourri dishes as an everlasting.

In the garden, they are troupers, blooming all summer in intense heat and humidity.  You might think anything that thrives all summer must be ugly and weed-like, but these gomphrenas show out with vibrant colors.  Few pest problems, drought tolerance, and blooms until frost make this plant a must for every gardener.

Arbor adds – it is also deer resistant.  Enjoy now- it is an annual grower.

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