Summer Landscaping: How to Help Plants Thrive, Not Just Survive

With spring lawn care a distant memory, and summer garden plants in full swing, the work that was done with so much enthusiasm a couple months ago is now starting to bear fruit. And while it may have been enjoyable to do the initial planting, with a long summer ahead, it can be easy to lose interest in outdoor plants. Plants are an investment, they bring happiness to a home, but they are also a financial investment. Arbor Enterprises, a leading landscape design build company in Pittsboro, NC, shares the top five tips for getting the most out of a garden. These landscape designer tips will help keep outdoor plants thriving, not just surviving, during the hot summer months.


Summer Landscaping | Consider Plant Choices Carefully

Choosing the right plants for the Pittsboro climate is essential; it is difficult to have success with a plant that is not suited to the region. Working with a leading landscape architect such as Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC can ensure proper plant selection as they have many years of experience with plants in the area and will be able to give a good framework of greenery that can be planted successfully. If this means planting different types of plants, it may be a good idea to start small and replant a little area of the garden first. If the new plants thrive, that is a good way to know what to invest in going forward.


Summer Landscaping | Focus on Plant Placement

When purchasing plants, it is important to note the description tag that accompanies all garden plants and greenery. The description tag always gives an indication of how much sun the plant will need, which can be easy to forget if there are a large number of plants being planted. Keep the tag that comes with the plant so that when it comes to having a professional landscape design company place each of the plants in the overall yard design, it will be easier to know the optimal position for getting the required amount of sunlight.


Summer Landscaping | Deadhead Plants If Necessary

Plants such as petunias and geraniums will need to be deadheaded as their blooms die. This simple process means pinching or cutting off the stem below the dead bloom, just above the healthy leaves. The reason for this is that dead blooms weaken the plant and consume energy and resources that should rather be allocated to the rest of the plant. Deadheading ensures that the plant is both healthier and fuller looking.


Summer Landscaping | Keep Watering Plants

The major cause of plant death during the summer months is a lack of water. Pittsboro, NC landscape company, Arbor Enterprises, suggests that the key here is to establish a routine for watering plants. Consistent watering, best done either in the early morning or late evening, will ensure that the plants remain hydrated. Remember always to water the soil and roots rather than the leaves and flowers.


Summer Landscaping | Plan Ahead for Lawn Service

If there are summer travel plans to look forward to, it is important to have a backup solution in place for ensuring that the plants still get the water they need. This may mean asking a neighbor, friend or a reliable landscape company to water the garden plants and greenery. This will ensure that the plants remain well hydrated during any planned absences.


Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC, specializes in helping members of their community get the most out of their gardens. As a professional landscape design build company, they offer a full range of services to all homeowners with softscaping, hardscaping, lawn care and tree removal solutions to match the needs of each garden. With many years of experience and excellent customer service, they go out of their way to ensure that customers get the garden of their dreams and have an excellent experience.

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