Pittsboro, NC, Landscaper Highlights the Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Recent events around the world and locally have shifted personal, family, and business activity to the home, including the backyard. Sheltering in place means time in the home and the yard. The home is the new office and classroom for tens of thousands of workers and students in the Triangle and Pittsboro area of North Carolina. A water pond can transform the backyard landscaping into an inviting and relaxing living space for the entire family. Arbor Enterprises, a Pittsboro landscape design company, is sharing a list of nine benefits of having a backyard pond.

backyard landscaping
  1. Bring tranquility to the backyard.

A pond creates a peaceful oasis to enjoy nature and relax from a hard day at the office or the classroom. A pond must be kept constantly circulating to support aquatic life and prevent the growth of algae.

Waterfalls, fountains, and spitters are beautiful add-ons. They keep the water moving while adding aesthetic appeal to the pond. Running water makes a naturally calming sound and provides background noise for reading, writing, and catching up on work.

  1. Attract wildlife to the backyard.

The local ecosystem can readily embrace a backyard pond as a source of freshwater for shelter, breeding, and food. Rabbits, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, and frogs will love the addition to the backyard. Be careful though, water will most probably bring snakes!

  1. Enjoy a new hobby.

Water gardening is a fulfilling distraction from a hectic life. Feeding the pond fish might become a favorite part of the schedule. Water gardening and breeding koi may prove to be just the right hobby for this phase of life and work.

  1. Connect with nature.

A pond beautified with aquatic plants and teeming with wildlife encourages people to spend more time outdoors and renews or deepens their appreciation for nature. They gain a sense of accomplishment at having created a new ecosystem.

  1. Create teachable moments with the family.

A backyard pond is a fabulous outdoor classroom and laboratory for the entire family and can provide a never-ending supply of teachable moments. Unit studies on water gardening, insects, frogs, the many varieties of pond fish, birds, butterflies, lizards, and algae will keep home students busy throughout the year.

  1. Enrich visual appeal by establishing a focal point in the yard.

A pond significantly enhances the visual appeal of the yard. The addition of a major landscape feature either breaks up a dull, monotone yard or creates a focal point that unites the entire backyard design around a key theme. Elements such as rocks, land plants, aquatic plants, fish, and complimentary water features, including a fountain or spitter, add interest, depth, color, texture, and contrast.

  1. Improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

A pond with bubbling and gurgling water can mask noise pollution from a nearby highway or from houses in the neighborhood. The aerated water releases a constant flow of negative ions. A positive connection exists between negative ions and stress reduction,  and research has found that exposure to negative ions reduces pathological signs of stress in laboratory tests. Studies also suggest that negative ions may decrease the negative health impact of air pollution. Fish tend to congregate around water bubblers.

  1. Reap prosperity.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese tradition, teaches that wealth is attracted to flowing water. According to Feng Shui, landscaping water features should be kept clean to optimize potency. A dripping faucet represents wasted money, while an efficiently flowing water feature represents new opportunities flowing into a person’s life.

  1. Add curb appeal and increase the value of a home.

A pond contributes to the overall curb appeal of a home, strengthening the positive impact of the first impression a guest or potential homebuyers experience when they see a tasteful, well-designed pond integrated with the larger landscape design. A beautiful water pond increases the value of a home.


A backyard pond can be simple or elaborate and still be an oasis of peace, beauty, and life. Elements such as a bench, fountain, spitter, walkway, stone wall, protective fencing, aquatic plants and fish, a covered swing, and complimentary gardens are only a few of the amenities the landscape design team at Arbor Enterprises can provide. Schedule a consultation to begin the design and installation process to enjoy the refreshing, rejuvenating pleasure of a backyard pond or other water feature.

backyard landscaping

For more information about landscape design and build projects in Pittsboro and the greater Triangle area, visit the Arbor Enterprises website at www.arborenterprises.com. The office can be contacted by phone at (919) 542-6765.

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