Pittsboro, NC Landscape Design Company Offers Tips to Create Natural Workspaces

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect employees and customers, large segments of the American workforce have been laid off, furloughed, or forced to work from home. Schools have been shut down, sending tens of millions of students of all ages home to continue education on laptops.

It turns out that home is where the heart is, as an article from Gallup, a well-known pollster, points out. The article, entitled “U.S. Workers Discovering Affinity for Remote Work,” explains the phenomenon, noting, “American workers are increasingly doing their jobs from home as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and the latest Gallup Panel data show that they are warming up to the experience. Employers have had to become agile in response to the pandemic.”

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Gallup has been analyzing how U.S. workers have dealt with the disruptions. 62% of employed Americans responded that they have worked from home during the crisis. This number doubled in just a few weeks.

The article goes on to report, “Three in five U.S. workers who have been doing their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic would prefer to continue to work remotely as much as possible, once public health restrictions are lifted.”

Industry buzz has it that people are home, they like it, and they plan to stay. Vacations that involve travel and possible exposure to COVID-19 and its lingering remnant are very low priority. Homeowners are looking for ways to make the home and outdoor living space more friendly for work, education, recreation, and entertainment.

A trip to a big box home improvement store is a clear indication that those unspent vacation dollars and stimulus checks are being funneled into home improvement projects that make remote work and homeschooling comfortable and enjoyable.

Arbor Enterprises offers these tips and suggestions on how to make the home and outdoor living space more user-friendly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip #1: Work outside.

Germs do not like the UV rays from the sun. Research has not determined to what extent the sun’s UV rays effect COVID-19, but most germs die when exposed to UV rays. Also, the vitamin B3 from the sun stimulates the senses and refreshes the mind.

Tip #2: Create garden spaces that lift the spirit.

A lovely courtyard with a water feature, a bench, flowers, shrubs, and a vibrant butterfly garden take working from home to higher levels of enjoyment.

Tip #3: Add a pergola.

Adding a covered work area makes sense when the sun is hot overhead or work needs to continue after the sunsets. Adding a ceiling fan to circulate the air makes working when it is a bit hot more tolerable. Lighting the pergola adds elegance and style while at the same time expanding the hours that can be worked outside. Eliminate the hassle and nuisance of flying pests with retractable mosquito netting. Comfortable, cool chairs and a sturdy wrought iron table provide adequate space if the kids need to join the team and study under the watchful eye of the working parent.

Tip #4: Reclaim the patio.

If a pergola is a bit too much, simply reclaim the patio or back deck. Arbor Enterprises as a landscape design company can install a patio, deck, or pergola if needed.

For more information about backyard landscaping, visit the Arbor Enterprises website at Arbor Enterprises at arborenterprises.com.

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