Pittsboro, NC, Landscape Design Company Explains the Benefits of a Fire Pit

The home, especially the backyard, is seeing a revival as a focal point of activity, and people are rediscovering the safety, beauty, functionality, and fun of the outdoor living space. An outdoor fire pit is a simple, elegant, and relatively inexpensive landscape feature that enhances the usefulness of the backyard living space. Arbor Enterprises, a Pittsboro, NC, landscape company, is highlighting the benefits of having a backyard fire pit.

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A Source of Year-Round Enjoyment

Assuming a fire pit is a seasonal amenity only to be enjoyed on mild spring and summer nights underestimates the usefulness of the backyard landscape feature. The fire pit is a source of heat and light that enables the homeowner to enjoy the patio when the days are short and the nights are cold. Lounging by the fire pit on a cold, winter night is like relaxing in a soothing hot tub while it is snowing outside. The fire pit and spa are a great patio combination to achieve a euphoric, peaceful calm after a hectic day on the job. Even on milder nights, the fire pit is a source of light that also serves to ward off pesky insects.

A Calming Effect

The popular patio amenity offers comfort, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress. The soothing movement of the flickering flame beckons people to unwind and relax.

A Hub for Community and Friendship

A backyard fire pit has a magnetic power that draws people together, making it a perfect centerpiece for any outdoor entertainment gathering. The setting creates the right mood for long discussions with family or friends or for just sitting quietly with each other. For warm summer evenings, just move the seating further away from the flame to continue to enjoy the light and the ambiance.

Incredibly Versatile

The fire pit fits any backyard or patio environment, and this versatility enhances the value of the feature. The variety of designs, construction materials, and fuel sources offers the homeowner an almost unlimited selection of options to suit any taste, decor, or budget. Depending on the location, design, and intended function of the fire pit, fuel choices include wood, natural gas, propane, or gel.

Source of Light

The ambient light from a fire pit is both mesmerizing and functional. A propane or natural gas fire pit will have a more consistent flame that provides more stable and safe light. Coordinating the fire pit with a landscape lighting plan can improve the usefulness of the fire pit after dark and also create a safer environment.

A Fantastic Kitchen

On a more practical level, a wood-burning fire pit doubles as a great outdoor kitchen. Cook appetizers, main courses, and desserts on the fire pit. Remember to be cautious of grease and fat drippings that can clog the gas vents. Cooking on propane fire pits should be done with the utmost care or not at all.

With the right equipment such as grill plates, pots, pans, tinfoil, and sticks, the backyard chef can cook nearly anything. Creative fire pit meals make for great parties and family dinners.

Safe When Used Responsibly

Natural gas and propane-fed fire pits are very safe, but fire pits can be dangerous if used improperly. The entire family — except for children, who should not use the firepit at all — needs to know how to use the fire pit safely. With small children, clear fire pit safety rules need to be in place. Remind children to stay away from the flame and to avoid getting too close to the pit.

Increases Home Value

A custom-built fire pit adds aesthetic and practical value to a home. This improved backyard appeal, like curb appeal, may even be the deciding factor in the sale of a house.

Affordable for Nearly Everyone

There is a fire pit for every taste and budget. For elegance and awe, the homeowner can build an entire entertainment area around a fire pit, enhancing the space with intricate stonework, benches, professional architecture, and a fabulous design.

Basic Fire Pit Safety Tips

Keep the following tips in mind when using a fire pit.

  1. Locate the fire pit on level ground.
  2. Position the fire pit ten to twenty feet away from plants and other flammable objects.
  3. Do not use a fire pit underneath an overhang.
  4. Keep a bucket of sand, a hose, or a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergency.
  5. Do not use a wood-burning fire pit on a deck or patio.
  6. Adhere to local fire safety regulations.


A backyard fire pit has many benefits. Elegance, charm, beauty, relaxation, community, cooking, and warmth are only a few of the advantages this amenity contributes to an outdoor living space. The fire pit is an excellent addition to any home.

For more information about designing a fire pit, patio, water feature, or stonework, visit the Arbor Enterprises website at arborenterprises.com. Contact the office by phone at (919) 542-6765.

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