Pittsboro, NC, Landscape Company Helps Homeowners Refresh Their Landscape

Since 1991, Arbor Enterprises, a full-service Pittsboro, NC, landscape company, has been specializing in residential landscape design, installation, renovation, and maintenance. The landscape design/build team also has expertise in working with stone retaining walls, ponds, patios, and walkways. These multifaceted competencies enable Arbor Enterprises to create fabulous landscapes that can be enjoyed for years to come while adding significant value to the home.

As spring eases into summer and the temperatures in Pittsboro ebb and flows from comfortably mild to sultry hot, Arbor Enterprises offers the following tips to freshen up the landscape.

Tip #1: Tidy up flower and shrub beds.

Clean out the various flower and shrub beds around the yard. Pick up all the sticks, branches, and twigs that the winter wind, rain, and sleet deposited in the beds. 

By late May and early June, vines and saplings may be pushing through the mulch or pine straw. Removing the sticks, vines, and saplings before the spring and summer greenery bursts forth enables the desired plant growth to enjoy all the sunlight, water, and nutrients the bed has to offer.

Tip #2: Edge beds and repair or replace damaged bricks, blocks, or edging.

The winter rains tend to erode the wall of the bed line, filling the ditch with soil. Strong winds can also pile up mulch, leaves, and other debris in the small ditch created by the edging. Rake excess mulch out of the bed ditch before edging with a nursery spade or other straight-bladed edging tool. Sharpening the blade edge with a file will increase the efficiency of the shovel. Several sharpening sessions may be needed if the landscape includes lots of beds. If metal edging needs to be replaced or repaired, use heavy-duty work gloves to prevent injury.

Tip #3: Refresh faded mulch.

Mulch serves a practical and aesthetic function. Mulch retains moisture, restricts the growth of unwanted vegetation, and adds nutrients to the soil as it rots. Fresh mulch is also visually appealing. A thin layer of dark mulch enhances color contrasts and creates texture. By refreshing the mulch a little each year, the homeowner keeps the bed looking great and the mulch bill low. Smooth out lumps and fill in indentations with existing mulch before spreading the new mulch. Once the mulch is scattered where needed, enjoy the view and the smell of freshly ground mulch.

Tip #4: Refresh and repair fences.

While the temperatures are mild and vegetation is minimal, give fences a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to correctly prepare all surfaces before applying the paint. The homeowner has access to several products designed to remove oxidation and refresh fencing made with treated materials. Follow instructions for covering any vegetation near the fencing prior to applying the wood treatment chemicals. Soft washing rather than pressure washing is more gentle on treated lumber.

Tip #5: Clean out and clean up water features.

Set aside a warm day to do a water feature clean-up and cleanout. Wear heavy-duty rubber gloves that extend to the elbow, and wear tall rubber boots, protective eyewear, and a mask if the pond or fountain is covered with dirt, slime, and mold. Shut off any electrical power associated with the pump, lighting, or filtration system. Harsh cleaners or bleach can kill any wildlife in and around the water feature, including koi or other fish. By late May and early June, slithery critters are on the prowl or simply trying to warm up on boulders or branches exposed to sunlight.

Take great care to avoid damaging any mechanical or electrical components in or near the water feature. Consider securing the professional services of technicians trained to clean, service, and repair water features. The installation and maintenance professionals at Arbor Enterprises can install and maintain backyard fish ponds, fountains, and waterfalls.

Tip #6: Pressure wash rock or stone surfaces.

Removing grime, oxidation, mold, and unwanted moss from walkways, steps, benches, fountains, birdbaths, large planters, retaining walls, and landscape boulders refresh the original color and highlight contours. Be careful when pressure washing concrete and masonry surfaces, which may crack and chip.

Tip #7: Improve the curb appeal and overall appearance of the landscape.

Schedule a consultation with Paige Moody, landscape designer and certified horticulturist at Arbor Enterprises, for information about a landscape master plan, site plan evaluation, bed layout and location, planting choices, and other hardscapes.

To learn more about the landscape design/build and maintenance services, browse the Arbor Enterprises website. The professionals will always be happy to discuss landscape design or maintenance questions in more detail. For more information about landscape installation, call the Arbor Enterprises office at (919) 542-6765.

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