Pittsboro, NC, Landscape Company Explains the Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

Since 1991, Arbor Enterprises has specialized in residential landscape design and installation services for clients in the Pittsboro, NC, area. The team at Arbor Enterprises also provides lawn maintenance services that save time for homeowners, keep the lawn looking beautiful, and add value to a property.

Who would benefit from professional lawn care maintenance services?

  1. A business facing a labor shortage

Post-COVID economic conditions have left many businesses short-staffed and working hard to meet the daily challenges of providing goods and services. In the past, the business was able to take care of landscaping needs in-house. Staffing challenges press business owners and managers to focus on the immediate provision of core goods and services. By outsourcing landscape maintenance to professionals, a business can channel resources to where they are most needed.

  1. A homeowner selling their home

A strong, positive impression is formed in the mind of prospective buyers when they see a home with a well-kept yard, manicured shrubs, lovely gardens, and stately hardscapes such as a water feature, rock retaining wall, or stone benches. Attractive curb appeal generates more walk-throughs, and elegant landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by as much as fourteen percent while reducing time on the market by as much as six weeks.  A professional landscape company will maintain the property in top condition throughout the sales journey.

  1. An out-of-town property owner

A demographic shift related to COVID-19 and virtual work saw many employees working from home. This ability and freedom to work anywhere Wi-Fi is available resulted in many people deciding to work from their weekend lake home or mountain retreat. It does not make sense to drive several hours to do basic lawn and landscape maintenance at the primary residence. Hiking a mountain trail, boating on the lake, or strolling the beach for shells after a hard day in the virtual office seem a more relaxing and refreshing use of time. Leave mundane cares behind. Entrust the lawn and landscape needs to the care of the qualified, dependable professionals at Arbor Enterprises.

  1. A suddenly single individual

Sometimes, a relationship changes, and a person not used to doing lawn care is quickly overwhelmed with an overgrown yard, fallen leaves, beds full of weeds and poison ivy, and sticks and limbs everywhere. The team at Arbor Enterprises can turn a jumble of vegetation into a well-manicured lawn.

  1. Adult children needing lawn care for their aging parents

Eventually, lawn care will overwhelm aging parents. The growing workload, the overbearing heat of summer, the biting cold of winter, aging equipment, and aching muscles drive an elderly couple to the realization that they can no longer safely take care of their yard. The landscape maintenance professionals at Arbor Enterprises work with homeowners to keep the yard and landscape beautiful. They will even leave some manageable tasks for those aging homeowners who love to work in the yard. By outsourcing most or all of the maintenance, husband and wife can comfortably remain in their dream home for years to come. Adult children can have peace of mind knowing that the yard is looking great and their parents are staying safe.

Bonus tip: A well-maintained lawn and landscape is a deterrent to crime

A manicured lawn and well-maintained beds, shrubs, and hardscapes signal to burglars that the home is occupied, active, and probably surveilled by the homeowner, family members, or a security company.

Bonus tip: Outsourced lawn maintenance yields measurable ROI

Commercial-grade mowers reduce mowing time while creating a lawn cut to perfection without balding high spots or rutting the yard with tire marks. Commercial-grade edgers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and blowers make quick work of edging, pruning, and cleanup. Residential-grade equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, wears out more quickly, is less efficient, and requires secure, dry storage space. Homeowners who secure the services of a lawn and landscape maintenance company, such as Arbor Enterprises, keep money in their pocket and, according to the American Time Use Survey, add at least seventy hours back into their schedule.

To schedule an appointment for a landscape design/build consultation or to learn more about Arbor Enterprises’ lawn care services, contact the office by phone at (919) 542-6765.

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