Pittsboro Landscape Design Company Focuses On Service Excellence and Innovation

Arbor Enterprises Continues to Grow from Strength to Strength in a Competitive Business Landscape

Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC was established by Paige Moody in 1991, founded on the principles of industry-leading landscaping services, employee wellness, and a commitment to 5-star customer care. These principles have served them well in their 28 years of business, and this is seen in their continued growth year over year while maintaining long-lasting customer relationships and delivering superb customer care.

Paige Moody knows the value of offering customers what they want and being able to educate them on what they need. As Moody says, “It’s important to understand what a client is asking for, but sometimes it means reading between the lines,” she went on to explain, “clients come to me wanting a beautiful garden, landscape or outdoor living area, and it’s up to us at Arbor Enterprises to get creative and deliver something beyond what they could have hoped for.”

Although North Carolina is the 13th best state in which to start a business according to a recent survey, it is still a challenge to build and grow a small business in the US with over 50% of new companies failing within the first 4 years, and the fact that only 40 percent of small businesses are profitable.

Arbor Enterprises, it seems, is determined to meet these challenges head-on, and with their impressive delivery of landscaping services, they continue to adapt and grow to meet the needs of their customers with innovative landscape design and installation. Two of their most sought after offerings for new clients are their landscape design services and their landscape enhancement services. The goal of landscape their enhancement services is to take the client’s yard and transform it into a garden of their dreams offering an end-to-end solution from master planning and site plan evaluation to design to plant selection, irrigation installation, and drainage solutions. Their team can also assist with hardscape design and consultations on tree trimming and removal and plant and tree health care.

Their design services are focused on hardscape construction details that perfectly blend into the style and design of their clients’ gardens. They offer options such as retaining walls, patio construction, walkways and outdoor lighting installations, irrigation repair, and maintenance, as well as the installation of functional and decorative elements like steps and ponds.

For their existing clients, they have a full-service maintenance offering that can be customized as needed for lawn care, tree care and plant care. They provide excellent advice on tree and plant care including pruning and will share on which plants should be pruned, as well as the best times for pruning. They offer transplanting, so that precious trees or plants can be moved without harm to different areas of your garden. Arbor Enterprises also offers fertilization, weed and insect control and mulching to keep plants in top condition throughout the year. In this respect, they will take customers preferences into account and can offer alternatives to harmful pesticides and other concerns.

In terms of turf care, Arbor Enterprises offers more than mowing. As lawn care service experts, clients can expect their lawns to look better than they ever have with options for lawn fertilization, weed control, on-going soil testing, as well as specialist services for seeding, aerating, dethatching and sodding.

At Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC, Moody and her team understand how a well-design garden or outdoor living area can dramatically improve quality of life for the homeowner and also the value of the property. While the company has the necessary expertise and experience to carry out even the most challenging landscaping work, customers often need help with knowing what they want and being able to visualize this. Moody believes that is what makes their company different from all the others, “we take the time to listen to our customers, instead of telling them what they need, we really try to hear what they’re saying and tailor our services to meet this need and even go beyond expectations whenever possible.”


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