Pittsboro Landscape Company Offers a Start-to-Finish Solution for Small Gardens

Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC is a landscape design and build company known for their green fingers as well as their commitment to the customers they serve in the Triangle region. That is why one of the top concerns that they hear on a regular basis is along these lines: “I’d love to hire you to completely re-imagine my garden, but it’s such a small space, I don’t think there’s much that can be done to improve or do what I really want.”

This season Arbor Enterprises, led by expert landscape designer, Paige Moody, is setting out to change these misconceptions. Although they are in high demand for their hardscape design and landscape installation services, they understand that for many Pittsboro residents, there is a need for a service that caters to smaller yards and spaces. After all, not everyone has acreage to work with, in fact, it is quite common to have limited space and this is where expertise and experience can really come to life with Paige and her team at Arbor Enterprises.

Some of the top changes that this Pittsboro landscape company recommends includes paying close attention to plant choice, using pots and thinking out the box. They also suggest incorporating other non-living elements and making the space inviting so that more time is spent outside enjoying your outdoor space.

As Paige from Arbor Enterprises suggests, “the choice of plants is critical if you have a small garden. It may be fine to have one or two larger trees, but in general smaller, focal point plants will help the area feel more spacious.” Choosing conifers or succulents is a good place to start as they grow slowly which means that your garden is likely to stay looking neat for a longer period of time.

Arbor Enterprises also suggests the use of containers as they can be moved around if necessary, as well as being low maintenance and can add some much-needed height to a small garden. Aside from regular pots, vertical or hanging plants can be a creative way to incorporate more greenery into a small area.

Other elements that can help transform your garden, according to Paige Moody, are the use of water features, creating small paved areas and investing in garden furniture. All of these work together to maximize the outdoor space and make it inviting to spend more time outside enjoying your garden.

As specialists in brick paver designs and other hardscape design, this Pittsboro landscape designer can combine their ability to design creative solutions that incorporate landscape design best practices with their expertise in implementing hardscape elements. With the focus on small gardens, they are able to leverage their extensive experience and commitment to even the smallest garden to create a backyard garden paradise.

As landscape specialists in both landscape design and maintenance, Arbor Enterprises offers the necessary follow-up services to keep gardens in top shape, providing a full-service maintenance offering that can be customized according to the needs of their clients. These services include plant care and lawn care as well as pruning, transplanting, fertilization, weed, and insect control services.

As leaders of landscaper in Pittsboro landscape design and landscape installation, Arbor Enterprises continues to innovate; presenting fresh, exciting ideas to their clients whether they have sprawling estates in need of tree trimming or removal and lawn care services; or small backyard spaces that are in need of an experienced landscape designer to transform them. They offer consultation services, and their customer focus ensures that they will always do the best job possible on your garden whatever its size.


Arbor Enterprises

307 Arborgate Rd

Pittsboro, NC 27312

(919) 324-6869


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