Patio Design Landscaping Options for the Outdoor Living Space

Homeowners often spend considerable time, thought, and resources to design the inside of their homes. They carefully select furniture, flooring, and decorations that complement each other and create a cohesive style that reflects the homeowner’s personality. The backyard has great potential as an extension of the interior living area, yet people all too often neglect to consider the outdoors as a canvas for personal tastes.

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There is a wide range of different styles and flavors for a backyard living space or patio area. Arbor Enterprises, a Pittsboro, NC, landscape company, is sharing ideas and inspiration to help homeowners determine the design direction they want to pursue in order to make the best use of their outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture

Most houses have an array of seating options, from roomy recliners to sturdy kitchen chairs. Building on the concept that the exterior is an extension of the interior, chair selection for the patio should warrant the same amount of consideration as the selection of that perfect armchair. A stunning yard is best enjoyed from the vantage point of a comfortable seat.

Whether the homeowner prefers a custom-crafted wicker loveseat or a wrought iron chair and table set, outdoor seating offers the opportunity to lounge outside and admire the beauty of the natural landscape.

Water Feature

No matter how small or large, water features always impress. Depending on the size of the yard and the design direction, the homeowner may choose to install a small fish pond, a fountain, a bubbler, or even an artificial waterfall. Artificial waterfalls may seem like they would demand a lot of space, but these water features can be very compact and still retain their charm and appeal.

Fire Pit

Fire pits can be a hub of relaxation and enjoyment in both the summer and winter months. Highly versatile in its design applications, a fire pit can fit within almost any patio design. Homeowners can choose from a variety of designs, materials, and fuel sources, and the wide selection of options can suit any style, decor, or budget.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular among homeowners interested in outdoor living. An outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill or fire pit and seating. Homeowners can invest in modular islands with built-in cooking capabilities, as well as sinks, cabinetry, refrigerators, and even pizza ovens that are specially designed for outdoor use. Smart technology continues to upgrade outdoor kitchens to new levels of convenience.


A small garden offers both aesthetic and practical benefits. Homeowners can plant a decorative garden with their favorite flowers and plant life, or they can enjoy produce from an edible garden. The harvest can be prepared in the outdoor kitchen and turned into fresh, delicious meals.

Another style of garden is the zen garden. Originating from Japan, zen gardens are largely composed of rock designs with grasses, bamboo, moss, and select trees and shrubs added occasionally. While radically different from the traditional concept of a garden, zen gardens may appeal to people who prefer minimalism and simplicity.


Creating the ideal backyard atmosphere is essential for outdoor entertaining, and lighting plays an important part in producing the desired mood. The primary focus of backyard lighting will be function and safety; then, the homeowner can take full advantage of drama and effect through the play of light and shadow. Southern Lighting of Raleigh is Arbor Enterprises’ primary subcontractor for your lighting needs.


Intricate patterns, such as waves, herringbone, basketweave, and block, are very popular. Geometric motifs are seldom found in nature, and the contrast with the natural elements of the yard is pleasing to the eye.

Walkways in the yard or garden can be created with a mix of gravel and flagstone. Include outdoor lights along the walkway to highlight the path and improve visibility.


Patio decor options are nearly limitless, so working within the confines of a theme may help narrow down the choices. Ideas include:

  • Statues
  • Sculptures
  • Benches
  • Planters
  • Rugs
  • Vintage signs
  • Outdoor mirrors
  • Lanterns

Patio Design Landscaping Tips

Landscape design experts, such as the team at Arbor Enterprises, can channel the homeowner’s vision into a cohesive layout that artfully utilizes the available space. Whether the client wants a spacious outdoor kitchen or a peaceful lounge area or some combination of the two, a skilled landscape architect can construct virtually any patio design.

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A renewed focus on outdoor living has made homeowners aware of the design possibilities of the backyard. Families can enjoy resort-level luxury with water features, fire pits, and dining areas. When the perfect patio design is achieved, homeowners and visitors alike feel as if they have arrived at a destination simply by stepping out of the back door.

For more information about Pittsboro landscape design, contact Arbor Enterprises by phone at (919) 542-6765 or by email at [email protected]. You can visit our website at

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