Landscaping Ideas for Winter Plus Secrets To Winterizing Your Pittsboro Garden


Arbor Enterprises Landscaping Expert, Paige Moody, Shares Landscaping Idea, Tips and Secrets to the Fall and Winter Seasons for Your Home Garden and Lawn Care

Arbor Enterprises Pittsboro, NC is one of the leading landscape contracting company that specializes in landscape design, irrigation, and design build, plant installation and outdoor living areas in North Carolina and offers a full-service, done-for-you solution to transition your garden for the colder months. As the temperatures start to drop and fall transitions to winter, it’s time to get your garden ready for hibernation.

It’s a well-established fact that having an outdoor living area and a well-maintained garden is beneficial to your health. It boosts your mood, reduces stress and provides a safe space for your children to play giving you some much needed time out. It should come as no surprise then, that households in the US spend almost 16 billion dollars per year on building and maintaining outdoor living areas, landscapes, lawn care and gardening services.

Established almost 30 years ago, Arbor Enterprises has been recognized as a leading provider of lawn care services and landscape design. As owner and founder Paige Moody has said “winterizing your garden, particularly your irrigation and landscape management, means that come spring, your garden will be in the best possible position to flourish.” Winter is not the time to stop working on your garden; it’s the perfect time to work on neglected areas, focus on hardscape construction and consider tree removal projects.

Moody’s top tips for winterizing include tidying up the garden including tree trimming and tree removal. This ensures that you have a clean slate for new landscape design projects in spring. Moody advises that “Fall is the best season for tree removal and trimming as it serves four purposes. First you let more light into your garden and home, second, there are a lot fewer leaves to sweep. Third, because there is a lot less growth in Fall and Winter, your trees will stay neat for two seasons, and lastly, your garden will be ready, come spring, for new garden plants and yard design.”

Other important factors to consider when winterizing your garden include removing any invasive plants that might have taken root during the warmer months, dividing perennials, spreading mulch, hydrating evergreens and protecting water features and irrigation systems. Tapping into Arbor Enterprises’ extensive experience can make this a painless process as their landscape management services cover all of the above and their expertise will ensure that your precious garden not only survives but thrives in the winter months.

Fall is also a perfect time to focus on hardscape design. There is less lawn care, and garden plant care as the rate of growth slows and thus more time to focus on pool landscaping ideas (especially while your pool is not in use) and front yard landscaping ideas. Let Arbor Enterprises’ staff help with this, with hundreds of successful landscaping projects under their belt; they know the best way to get the job done.



Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro, NC offers landscape design and implementation to commercial and residential gardens in the Pittsboro area. They specialize in providing their Pittsboro and Chapel Hill customers with landscape design irrigation installation, pool landscaping, patio designs, and tree trimming and removal. Founded in 1991 by Paige Moody, Arbor Enterprises are as passionate about their work almost 30 years later as when they first began landscaping. Their staff of 28 members have the range of skills and experience to help you with your landscape design project, no matter how big or small.

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