Landscape Company Shares Landscape Design Ideas For Sloped Backyards

Landscaping Solutions For Sloped Backyards In North Carolina

One of the common questions that homeowners ask when they want a landscape design for their home is what to do when their backyard has a steep slope. There are many homes throughout Pittsboro NC that have backyards that aren’t perfectly flat. The professionals at Arbor Enterprises, a landscape company in Pittsboro, share their top tips for erosion and drainage concerns. Consider these contracting things when deciding on the best solution for your landscape:

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Have a look at how water drains from the slope in your backyard. If the water is draining downwards, it’s likely that you’ll have to look into controlling erosion, and the slope may be less stable than is ideal.


The severity of your slope will impact your decision. Erosion is often an issue, so the degree of the incline is important.

In most cases, plants will help make a slope more stable, especially if a mix of plants is used, such as groundcover, shrubs, and trees. The area between the plants can then be covered with boulders or mulch. The different layers of vegetation work together to disperse the force of the water as it hits the ground and a combination of deep-rooted and shallow-rooted plants helps secure the topsoil to reducing the likelihood Of erosion.

Landscape Options for a Sloped Backyard


The efficacy of terracing will depend on the severity of your slope. Terracing is particularly effective on larger Slopes because it divides the incline into more manageable sections using retaining walls. These retaining walls are usually made from wood or stone. It is possible to create a multi- terraced level, which can be as small as just a few feet wide.


If the incline isn’t too steep, it can be enhanced with paths or staircases. For steeper slopes, a winding path can be inlaid into the slope so that it can be navigated easily.

Rock Landscaping

Rock landscaping creates a more natural effect while still performing the important task of holding soil and plants in place. This is usually done by creating small indentations where rocks can be placed in such a way that they don’t roll. To create texture and variety, the stones should be placed without a strict plan in mind and interspersed with plants and flowers.

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Arbor Enterprises in Pittsboro NC, will ensure that any potential erosion problems are prevented and that the overall effect is aesthetically pleasing. We love plants and would love to help you with your landscaping projects.

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