How Feng Shui Landscaping Techniques Can Elevate a Landscape Design

Arbor Enterprises, a Pittsboro, NC, landscape company, specializes in residential landscape design, irrigation, installation, and renovation. Company owner Paige Moody is a professional horticulturist, and the landscape design/build team also has expertise in stone retaining walls, ponds, patios, and walkways. This diversification enables Arbor Enterprises to create stunningly beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Landscape design inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Asian-inspired landscapes are becoming popular, especially landscapes that embody the principles of feng shui.

What Is Feng Shui?

Anjie Cho, a feng shui educator, practicing architect, and co-founder of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School points out these five elements of feng shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The inclusion of the five elements in a landscape promotes balance, a chief goal of feng shui.

A literal translation of feng shui is “wind-water.” According to Professor Lin Yun, a feng shui practitioner, philosopher, and scientist, the combination of wind, water, sunlight, rocks, and green plants are the key ingredients of a harmonious garden. Modern expressions of feng shui mimic the ancient Chinese practice of arranging landscape design elements in a garden. These items include furniture, plants, hardscapes such as bridges, river rocks or boulders, and numerous other garden decorations. This Chinese artistic enterprise is founded on a philosophical belief in yin and yang patterns that incorporates curves. Another core component of feng shui is Chi’s flow of positive and negative energy and the effects of each type of energy.

A well-executed feng shui garden design evokes peacefulness and elicits a quiet solitude. The garden is environmentally clean, pure, and pristine. A garden designed and planted according to the principles of feng shui should be located far from the fumes and toxic chemicals of manufacturing plants and chemical factories. The garden should be far from the hustle and bustle of busy highways. The idyllic oasis of peace and solitude should be shielded from excessive noise and protected from air and water pollution. Polluted areas neutralize the energy from feng shui that yields prosperity. In feng shui philosophy, a fresh breeze and pure water attract wealth and foster good health.

Feng Shui Tips for a Beautiful and Harmonious Backyard Garden Design

Tip #1: Provide protection and privacy.

A core principle of feng shui design is to protect the home, backyard, and garden from harmful environmental influences. Incorporate a natural barrier for protection and privacy. Surround the garden or backyard with a natural fence designed to reduce noise, wind, and air pollution.

Tip #2: Create a sense of security and comfort.

Good feng shui garden design includes elements that foster a sense of security and comfort. Examples include stone walls, boulders, and rock gardens. An artificial wall adorned with green plants and flowers functions quite well as an attractive natural barrier for the garden.

Tip #3: Include open spaces.

Chi, the life force in feng shui philosophy, is everywhere. Shrubbery, flowers, and small plants can be used to create inviting, invigorating open spaces.

Tip #4: Keep the home’s entrance simple, open, and welcoming.

Keep the entrance to the home open, spacious, and inviting. The open space communicates life, energy, and vigor, and this warm introduction promotes an atmosphere of friendliness in the home. Do not plant large trees near the front door. Keep it simple, open, and welcoming.

Tip #5: A water feature is essential in a feng shui garden design.

Another principle of feng shui garden and backyard design is “the mountain is behind, and water is in front.” Simply put, a water feature is a central focus of attention in feng shui garden design.

The water feature may take many forms. Examples include:

  • a fountain
  • a waterfall with rocks and various grasses
  • a pond with goldfish and water plants
  • a swimming pool

Tip #6: Showcase water, rocks, and plants.

Good feng shui garden design showcases three elements – water, rocks, and plants. A rock garden with water and plants can serve as an artificial barrier to protect a house and yard against negative energy.

Tip #7: Add color and aroma with plants.

Feng shui plants require special attention. Plants and flowers contribute colors and aroma to the backyard garden, achieving balance, harmony, and beauty. Each area of the garden should have a particular color theme. Indulge the senses by choosing favorite plants and flowers.

Tip #8: Proportions are important.

Proportions are essential in a feng shui garden design. Overly tall trees can create imbalance and disharmony in the garden. Shrubs and trees should have a slight height variance, which will preserve balance and harmony.

Tip #9: Promote comfort, calm, and relaxation.

Utilize garden decorations and patio furniture, and other beautiful objects to make the backyard and garden area more comfortable, inviting, and personal. The goal is a relaxing and calm atmosphere. The sounds of bubbling water soothe and calm the soul. Bamboo wind chimes evoke pleasant thoughts.

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