How Beautiful Landscaping Complements Commercial Signage

Arbor Enterprises, a full-service landscape design company since 1991, has been specializing in commercial and residential landscape design, irrigation, installation, and renovation. The landscape design and build team also has expertise in stone retaining walls, ponds, patios, and walkways. This diversification enables Arbor Enterprises to create fabulous landscapes that can be enjoyed for years to come while adding significant value to a home or business. One of the ways Arbor Enterprises adds value to a business is by enhancing the impact of its commercial signage by framing it with beautiful landscaping.

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Every business needs great commercial outdoor signage. The customer, community, and competitors expect professional signage. Customers expect the sign in front of the dentist’s or accountant’s office to convey an aura of professionalism. The community expresses its expectations when it establishes codes that govern the design, construction, and placement of commercial signage. Competitive factions within an industry want professional, beautiful signage from all parties involved because the signage has the power to cast a positive reflection on the industry.

Six Benefits of Commercial Signage and How Beautiful Landscaping Complements Signs

Commercial signage is crucial for businesses that maintain a physical presence in the community. Complementing signage with elegant landscaping enhances the visual dimension, accentuates the brand image, and amplifies the informational message of a commercial sign. Here are several benefits of commercial signage and how beautiful landscaping complements the impact of the signage.

1. Commercial signage creates a positive first impression in the mind of the customer.

How a sign looks impacts what customers think about the business. A beautifully landscaped entranceway featuring professional signage framed with luscious groundcovers, vivid flowers, and manicured shrubs elevates the business’s image. Stunning signage that includes beautiful landscaping promotes positive customer expectations about the experience they are about to have with the business.

2. Commercial signage communicates vital information about the company and the products and services offered.

Customers need the information communicated on signage because it helps the business better serve its clientele. Finding the right building, locating the best entrance, and showing up on time improve the customer journey. A well-landscaped sign captures and draws the customer’s attention to the message. A brick walkway or stone path to the front entrance removes any confusion about how to enter the building. The positive sensory impact of lovely flowers and aromatic herbs around the signage and walkway can be dramatic.

3. Commercial signage is always at work.

Commercial signage never takes a break or goes on vacation. Great signage continuously communicates the message the business wishes to convey, unlike ad spends, which deplete, and boosts, which expire. If the signage is thoughtfully illuminated, the message continues after dark. Landscape lighting applied to commercial signage can provide the competitive advantage needed to capture the attention of passing traffic during the night.

The interior design consultant, mechanic, lawyer, or restaurant owner with a business near a large hospital knows that, after dark, dozens of surgeons, doctors, administrators, skilled technicians, and suppliers drive by their businesses each night and morning. They want their signage to be highly visible both day and night and attractively landscaped because there will always be people to see it.

4. Commercial signage conveys a consistent brand message.

The commercial sign in front of the chiropractor’s office or veterinary clinic always advertises the name, location, times of operation, and service information. The logo and tagline rarely, if ever, change because the message and mission are already cast. However, creative landscaping periodically altered to suit the changing seasons can interrupt the sign’s visual monotony without distorting the message.

5. Commercial signage has the power to comfort and encourage patrons.

The prominent signage in front of a hospital or heavy industry is often massive, well-constructed, comfortable to read, and enhanced with beautiful landscaping. The sign sends a message of strength, confidence, ability, and hope. An aesthetically pleasing sign sends a message that can lift the human spirit. In contrast, a drab sign with unattractive landscaping is depressing and uninspiring.

6. Commercial signage provides a call to action.

“Welcome” on a sign or the entrance to a business is more than an invitation; it is a call to action: “Come in and shop!” Adorning the message with fabulous landscaping amplifies and reinforces the message.

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Commercial signage can be a powerfully evocative hardscape. Adorning the signage with fabulous landscaping can enhance and amplify the sign’s message. The landscape design/build experts at Arbor Enterprises are available to consult and assist businesses with the design, installation, enhancement, and maintenance of new and existing commercial signage. For more information about the Pittsboro, NC, landscape company, contact the office of Arbor Enterprises at (919) 542-6765.

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