Casting a Visionary Landscape Plan

Arbor Enterprises is a full-service landscape design company and specializes in residential landscape design, irrigation, installation, and renovation. The design/build team also has expertise in building stone retaining walls, ponds, patios, and walkways. This diversification enables Arbor Enterprises to create fabulous landscapes that can be enjoyed for years to come and that add significant value to your home.

Casting a Vision for a Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscapes start as a vision. The vision grows and blossoms into beautiful concepts that find illustration on the drawing table as a landscape master plan. The master plan coordinates all aspects of the design, including site analysis, site preparation, grading, soil preparation, bed layout, planting, and hardscapes.

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Great vision is born out of vibrant passion. Landscape designer, horticulturalist, and owner of Arbor Enterprises Paige Moody embodies this vision and passion in her comments about an elegant yet practical backyard garden. She says, “We believe your home is your sanctuary, and that includes the yard. Every day should bring you joy from your garden. With hectic schedules, what a delight to open the garden gate, perhaps clip some aromatic gardenia and iris from your flower beds and let them grace your kitchen table. It is our pleasure and responsibility to be good stewards, and that starts with your garden, large or small.”

Casting a vision for a landscape and transforming the dream into a reality that can be enjoyed daily is Paige Moody’s passion. She collaborates with the homeowner to create the perfect plan. Upon acceptance of the plan by the client, Moody and her team oversee the installation of the design and often provide ongoing management and maintenance.

Identify the Starting Point

Collaboration between the designer and the homeowner may range from very “hands-on” to minimal. The starting point for a landscape design falls into three broad categories.

  • New home construction, including landscape design and installation
  • Renovation of an outdated, tired, or overgrown landscape
  • Enhancement of an existing landscape that needs an injection of interest or functionality

Landscaping for new home construction offers many opportunities for both the homeowner and the designer. When is the best time to involve a landscape architect in the home building process? The answer is from the very beginning, including the selection of the lot upon which the home will be built. Placing the house on the lot for both functional and aesthetic considerations makes sense. Functional considerations include addressing issues such as drainage, utilities, and topography. Aesthetic considerations include scenic views, existing trees, proximity to the road, and the placement of hardscapes like the driveway and walkways.

If the vision is to renovate an existing landscape, different factors come into play. A sorely outdated landscape with heavily overgrown flora and dilapidated hardscapes may need to be totally removed and replaced. The experienced designer will know which features can be saved or re-purposed and which must go. Walkways may need resurfacing. Tired fountains or statuary can be eliminated or replaced. Landscape renovation is the process of bringing new life to a landscape.

If the vision is to enhance an existing landscape that has been well-maintained and is aesthetically pleasing, then the homeowner may desire to add a garden or hardscape. Tree removal may be required in order to make room for a pool or large water feature. The tree canopy may need to be adjusted to accommodate the maturation of the plantings or the addition of a new hardscape. Enhancements may include the addition of an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a backyard greenhouse.

Maximizing the Visionary Consultation

Arbor Enterprises offers a visionary consultation with thirty-year veteran designer Paige Moody. This consultation may involve designing and installing landscaping for new home construction, renovating an older, outdated landscape, or adding enhancements to an existing landscape.

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Components of a consultation cover a wide variety of features, including:

  • Master planning: Vision, goals, budget, scope of work, phases of implementation, timeframe
  • Site plan evaluation: Site analysis, measurements
  • Bed layout and plant selection
  • Selection of the location of outdoor living spaces
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting

The hardscape phase of the visionary consultation and overall master planning process considers hardscape options such as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Fire pits
  • Pool and spa flora and screening
  • Steps and entryways
  • Ponds and other water feature installations
  • Walkways and benches
  • Fountains, statuary, landscape boulders
  • Driveway and estate entrances
  • Privacy walls and screening
  • Fencing

The visionary consultation may also address existing concerns pertaining to the ongoing upkeep of the existing landscape, new enhancements, or new landscape installations. These concerns may include:

  • Drainage solutions
  • Eliminating safety hazards such as ditches, steep inclines, slopes, or precipices
  • Tree and plant health care
  • Landscape management

For more information about Arbor Enterprises contact Paige Moody at (919) 427 8114.

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