10 Landscaping Tips to Help Sell a Home

Arbor Enterprises share 10 landscape design tips to help attract homebuyers.

Winter is the best time to sell a home for the most money in the Triangle area of North Carolina, according to Raleigh Realty. A recent blog article states, “Whether you’re selling real estate in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, or Holly Springs, the best time to sell your home for the most money is in the winter. Inventory levels are at their lowest in the winter, and buyers are still looking…especially buyers who are moving to the Raleigh-Cary area from the northeast. Anyone who is relocating to the Raleigh-Cary area from the northeast is feeling ‘pain’ in the wintertime with all of the snow. This pain is an emotional response to the cold and wet weather, and they can’t wait to buy in the south. It’s natural. So if selling your home is something you’re considering, sell it in the winter.”

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Curb appearance – whether appealing or not – shapes a potential homebuyer’s first impression of a residence. A well-designed and well-maintained landscape can add as much as 10% to the value of a home. However, a home’s outdoor landscaping is all too often overlooked or neglected in the hectic preparations for the sales process. Ideally, the time to get started sprucing up the yard is about four weeks before showing the house, maybe more if the landscaping task looms large. Listed below are 10 landscaping tips that homeowners can follow to make a property more attractive to buyers.

Tip #1: Touch up the mulch

A fresh application of mulch in all the garden beds produces an immediate and dramatic effect. The color enhances the contrast of the surrounding plants, and the landscape pops. Ease of application and affordability make mulching a winner.

Tip #2: Spruce up outdoor containers

Sprucing up container plants is quick, simple, and easy. Container plants, especially large tropicals, add considerable interest and depth to patios and doorways where potential buyers enter and exit the house.

Tip #3: Plant some instant color

Seasonal color makes the landscape pop. Annuals are relatively inexpensive, and they are quick and easy to plant. Splash the landscape with a cascade of color or a more monochromatic theme, but remember to choose what suits the look of the home.

Tip #4: Add a traditional fountain and stone-lined landscaping bed

Place a water fountain next to a garden patio so that the soothing sounds of the water can be heard while people relax in the sun. Surround the fountain with a beautiful stone wall and lush green plants. A simple feature package with a rich visual and audible aesthetic theme can be implemented with a very limited budget.

Tip #5: Tend to foliage and greenery

It is essential to convey both the house and garden have been maintained. Prune small low-level tree branches, but bring in a tree specialist to remove larger limbs as well as identify and remediate any potential hazards. It is essential to convey both the house and garden have been maintained. Remove dead plants. Fill the space with a replacement or place a decorative pot in its place.

Tip #6: Service and clean water features

Eliminate any visible algae, remove leaves, and clean filters so that the water is clear and sparkling. An unsightly or malfunctioning water feature is an immediate turnoff.

Tip #7:  Resolve any irrigation issues

Provide information about the irrigation schedule, especially for an automatic system. Include operating instructions for the potential buyer to reference.

Tip #8: Repair leaky faucets and water the landscape

A leaking faucet suggests there may be other problems elsewhere in the plumbing. Also, if time allows prior to a showing, water at least 30 minutes before the appointment. The water reduces the glare of paved surfaces and communicates that the plants are well-maintained.

Tip #9: Provide a plant profile

A buyer may want to know the name of each plant so that they may research their growing needs. A complete plant inventory in scrapbook form left out on a table for prospective buyers to browse through as they tour the home can have a powerful effect on buyers, whether they are gardeners or not.

Tip #10: Power-wash where needed

Power-wash paved surfaces. Power washers also do a fantastic job of cleaning and refreshing fences, as well as brick and vinyl siding and decks and patios.

When beginning a project to prepare a house for showing, bring in a competent, experienced, and certified landscape design professional for a consultation. It may make sense for the landscaper to tackle the whole project, ensuring it is completed professionally and on time. Some landscapers can even provide tree care services such as trimming, pruning, and tree removal if dangerous situations are discovered like dead limbs or dead trees that could injure prospective home buyers. Out-of-town sellers should consider contracting a landscape company to maintain the lawn and landscape during the showing phase.

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Arbor Enterprises offers landscape consultations, irrigation, design-build, tree work, as well as other related services that help homeowners beautify their property in preparation for the selling process. For more information call the Pittsboro, NC, landscape company at (919) 324-6869.

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