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Featured Hot Winter Plants!

Arum Italicum



Arum will add great color and diversity to the garden with their attractively marked leaves, which may be arrow- or spear-shaped. Leaves are veined with mid-green to white. In early summer, white spathes of flowers are followed by spikes of bright orange red berries.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

coral bark maple


Beautiful small tree has brilliant coral bark on young branches; color intensifies in winter. Deeply cut light green leaves display attractive red margins; turn golden in fall. Deciduous.


Edgeworthia chrysantha


Filling the late-winter garden with intoxicating fragrance, this well-branched shrub displays creamy yellow flower clusters at its branch tips. Spring brings slender blue-green foliage, turning yellow in fall. A fine backdrop in dappled shade gardens.

Twig Dogwood



Stunning fall color and showy red or yellow stems in winter make this wonderful shrub for all seasons! Vigorous and adaptable, forming a thicket of upright, blood red or yellow stems. Best color in full sun. Deciduous.